a 25-year-old gentleman from Michigan, United States

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Hello and welcome to my profile, where I imagine you've come to, in this very second, cure any boredom that you might have. If you find your boredom plaguing you more oft than not than please check out my website, where I hope that my other stories can help you out.

I don't think there's much I can say here, after all, I'm on this site so you already know that I'm a writer. I think I'm good to some degree, but of course I imagine that's up for argument and I hope to one day confirm this suspicion of mine. As for my writing style I prefer fantasy stories of both the urban and epic ilk, although I want to write a mystery series at one point, and of course something Sci Fi. I draw inspiration from a lot of things, books, as one would expect, but more than that, anime and manga which I've watched and read a multitude of. When I'm not watching or reading one of those three, I oft find myself watch or reading something else, perhaps a show like Doctor Who, or a webcomic about a man becoming a father which you can find here chirstophercomic.com, and I highly suggest. When I'm not engaged in anything, I find myself a slave to my minds wandering, infinitely and eternally, exploring its mental depth.

So yeah, I'm pretty sure that's all I have to say, and I hope that the work I post here can entertain the other writers and aspiring writers that drop by.

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