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"Nothing bad lasts forever, everything great takes time"

I was born in Cape Town, Westen Cape, South Africa. I live with my parents and two siblings. I got two dogs, well technically only one, but we adopted the other one. I am 23, and I strive to become the next Stephen King. My hobbies are: reading books, listening to any genres of music, hanging out/ spending time with friends and family, going to church, and drawing. For inspiration I'll stare at the sky. I believe that whether making mistakes or not, I'll use any situation to an advantage. I am a humble person, although I must admit, I do have my moods on some occassions. I am a Christian and have strong beliefs towards God and his son. I am a friendly kind and trustworthy person. I am not a negative person, and I'll always have something good to say about somee else, whether people think they're good or bad. My motto in life: 'Nothing bad lasts forever, everything great takes time. You just have to practice being patient and in the meanwhile keep going, doing what you love. Continue the fight and never give up. 'Rome wasn't built in one day." I look forward to meeting many aspiring writers from whom I can learn and be inspired by; and with that being said, I'd like to thank those beforehand who'll take their time to read my short stories, novels and poems.

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