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"There is nothing to writing. All you do is sit down at a typewriter and bleed." -Ernest Hemingway

I'm an eighteen-year-old about to embark on my first riveting year of college as a psych major. Now seemed like an appropriate time to invest in my writing, seeing as I probably won't be taking any English classes in the future, and I would hate to let the passion die here.

You'll notice that I use (A/N:) author's notes either before or after (BUT NEVER DURING--because that's just rude) my works. This is because I am a FanFic n00b, and I can't help it. :P

It's hard to describe the things I write, because...heh, I don't write a whole lot. Not yet. Maybe it'll change. What I have written, though, tends to hedge toward the darker side of the human condition--postapocalyptia, warfare, spiralling psychosis and all that. But it's not all guts and gore. I also play around with sci-fi. I've always loved fiction that's founded in reality. Something you can wrap your mind around before having it blown by awesomeness. Although, I notice that "sci-fi" is almost always about inter-galatic travel and alien races...which is cool and all, but it's not really what I'm into.

Also, I feel I should warn you guys in advance, part of my writing style involves manipulating the English language and bending it to the will of my creation. As in, I tend to "misuse" words, or present them from a different angle than what they're usually used for, meanwhile staying partially true to the integrity of the definition. It's just the way I write, and while I accept all criticisms, I'll say up front that I almost never take word-replacement suggestions. I wrote it that way for a reason, and if that doesn't float your boat, go swim in a different lake.

As for what I read, I can do anything but teen-wasteland and vampires. I'm afraid that the Twilight epidemic left the bookstores inundated  with an overwhelming cesspool of knock-off vampire swill (not all vampire books are swill--don't get offended). I think vampires are cool, but overkill is overkill. Besides, I prefer the more traditional vampire, like the ones in Stephen King's Salem's Lot. None of this vegan-bloodsucker nonsense. If you're gonna be an archaic, sanguinivorous creature of the night, and least do it properly.

Just saying.

Give it a rest.

Angel stories are pretty cool though. ;D

I don't have a website. :D


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