a 22-year-old guy from Dublin

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"Would it save you a lot of time if I just gave up and went mad now?"

D [ylan]

T [homas]

M [atthew]

N [orton]


I'm Dylan, you're ____________, and its a pleasure to meet you.


I was featured on June 14th 2012 - Possibly the best thing that has happened to me since I joined Protagonize in late Nov. 2011.


Well, to save you digging through the crap, I thought I would comprise a list of what I think my best works are.

Blink: Life in an Instant ( http://www.protagonize.com/poem/blink-a-life-in-an-instant )

A Cry to the Parents that Hate ( http://www.protagonize.com/poem/a-cry-to-the-parents-that-hate )

An Exaggeration ( http://www.protagonize.com/poem/an-exaggeration )

A Tour of my Thoughts ( http://www.protagonize.com/poem/a-tour-of-my-thoughts )

The Word ( http://www.protagonize.com/poem/the-word-1 )

But, if you want to dig through the crap I have written y'know, feel free too do that too.



I am the Author of my past, the Writer of my future and the Editor of my present. To you, I am A.W.E.



Just A Couple Of Names Of Some People On Here Who Are Truely Epic:

- Starwarsfreak117

One of the few truely original writers on this website. And much like ChimeraKiller, knows exactly how to conduct a story as if it were a symphony. And now, in an unreleased story to the public, we will be embarking on a journey across Europe to find Ramen Noodles of the highest quality. 

But much like a writer further down, is a halfing lover...

Twas part of the very first collab. I ever took part in, Hero's ( WHICH WILL BE EDITED CORRECTLY ONE DAY ) of Teranore. 

- Chimerakiller2

A top notch writer, if there ever was one. Not just creative, but funny. Also a man that took part in the first collab. I was part of - Which we will finish if it kills us.

- Li17

A talented Lady from down under. If you have talked to her, you have been privileged.

- EchoOfInsanity

A very good friend with a flair for writing. And a poet, even if she does not yet know it. 

- Lionsleeper

An Extremely talented, young poet - With a passion for mischief.

- Spockeh

A very detailed writer and the neighbourhood Dragon Charmer along with another collaboration team mate.

- Stargazer 

The boss of a certain group where certain non illegal activities have taken place that most certainly do not involve ladders, kidnapping and cameras.... I swear. 

- Nosirrah 

A really nice guy and a pleasure to write with, it does help that he is a very good writer.  But a defender of halfings...

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