a 22-year-old guy from Ohio, United States

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Hey everybody,

I'm just your average guy. I'm way into music (it's basically my life) and I'm in my school's marching band (yes, I'm a band geek). I play any form of clarinet you can think of, but mainly play the Alto Clarinet.

I also run a blog with my friend, Artistically Speaking, at www.speakingartistically.blogspot.com. The idea is to get original short stories (and any other form of art) together in one place to be appreciated. I know most anybody from here would submit short stories or some kind of writing, but if you can do anything else artistic, let us know. Our e-mail is artisticallyspeaking@ymail.com

Umm...that's all I can think of right now, if I can think of anything else to share with the entire world I'll post it ASAP


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