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"Love can corrupt even the purest of hearts" Clockwork Princess

Hello readers and authors, 

My name is Elena and I will be 23 soon. I am a student, work and have a busy schedule but I never miss to write since its my only form of escapism. 

I am working on wattpad too but I also desire a much greater and better audience aside the fact that I would also like more feedback on my stories. 

I have one. It is called Zero Hour, and I really don't want to spoil the aura in it because it is worth not knowing to figure it out later but it has anything you can ever immagine in it and trust me your heart will be broken well before the actual events take place. Zero Hour is written with passion its characters were intended for the story and there are mysteries that might not be solved by the end of this novel. I actually feel bad that I made my main character suffer so much, she will be rewarded eventually but not before enduring emotional and physical pain at its highest degrees. 

My second story is less intense but still worth pursuing it is a paranormal fiction which I also intend to go through with till the very end. I named it Final Destination. The characters of course are all mine as usual and it will also be worth waiting for its updates. 

That is it I guess. I hope to get to know you all soon, make new friends and start to publish my own stuff on here. 

See you around folks 


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