a 23-year-old boy toy from the United States

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"Some are born great, some achieve greatness, and some have greatness thrust upon them." Shakespeare "Midsummer's Night Dream"

I am a casual writer. I always love critiques from anyone who will read my work. I am in school, so if I am working on something and I suddenly stop do not be alarmed I am just working on college work. I am a very upbeat fiction writer, only fiction though, because it sets your mind free. I do love to write, but sometimes I do suffer from major writer's block. It sometimes causes me to abandon a piece of work completely to think about it a little. This would be a great time to help out with a few ideas. I will certainly mention anyone that gave me an idea in my Thank you page. I mostly write homosexual romance novels, but have been known to write anything my heart desires. Of course there will be warnings in the beginning of stories that may offend, so bear with me please.

Thank you

D.D. Lovely

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