a 35-year-old bloke from the United Kingdom

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"To me life is simply mind over matter. I don't mind because my problems don't matter."

Allo all,

Just thought  I'd  post a little bit about myself and say a quick hello really.

I am as it probably says in that little blob above these rantings a 28 year old writer and poet from Southport, England. 

I've been writing on and off for years now and got my first publication when I was about ten in poetry. Yeah when other kids where playing football in the street I was playing about with words in my bedroom. Ah well each to their own eh?

I have always loved the choose your own story idea and think its a great to allow your work to be open enough, (and be open enough about your work,) for others to be able to contribute to it. That and a little constructive criticism from your readership never hurts either.

As I'm more a short story writer than anything this style suits me perfectly so I hope I can add something useful to this little collection of minds.

Right well I'm not going to bore you all anymore than I probably already have done. I'd rather let my writing speak for me than me comment on myself anyway.

Hope to write with you all soon!

Have fun and be safe.



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