a 28-year-old lady from Nah-fuck, United States

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"I myself am made entirely of flaws, stitched together with good intentions."

My day job is a portrait artist. Writing is a hobby and how I blow off steam.

i'm an open book. 
i want more out of life,
more than riches or fame.
i want love. trust. frienship.
i want happiness.
not just the pursuit.
i wanna reach the goals that i set,
and every ambition i’ve ever had.
i want to live life by the day,
by the moment,
and not worry about tomorrow.
i want laughter. i want smiles.
i even want the tears.
i want every second to be worth it.
i want memories that linger,
and friends that stay.
i want life experiences, 
life lessons.
i want life. 
i admire simplicity and appreciate the little things. 
selfishness makes me sick to my stomach.
i have wonderful friends and a husband that holds my hand just right. 
i am the friend that sticks around when you need something because no one else will be there for you.
i will listen when you speak, try my best to understand where you're coming from, and give helpful feedback when you need it most.
i only say 'i love you' if i mean it.
moreover, i won't make you a priority if you make me an option.

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