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"I will eventually get an idea of what I know tomorrow?"

Current Projects

Unnamed Story - Coming Soon.

Genre; Young Adult, Vampire, Fiction, Historic

Setting; Goes from England to America to England in the 1800's

POV; 1st person, girl

Summary; For a girl who never knew her mother, and grew up in an abusive home, seventeen year old Anastasia Verity Calvin is a survivor. With only one friend in the entire world, Katherine Woods, she has defied all odds, and became an intelligent young woman. Granted she is not aware to her beauty. But when her father mysteriously passes out and returns home in the arms of two men, his neck sporting bite marks, everything seems to get worse for the girl. How is it that she can grow up so abused, and yet he can further hurt her? And when it comes down to it, she would much rather prefer his beatings to what he tried to do to her that night. A novel full of suppressed feelings and memories, of lost friendships regained, and one girl gets the chance of a lifetime, but does she really want it? Angsty vampires, abused heroine, a school full of humans. How is one supposed to get on with their lives?

Future Projects

Unnamed Story - Coming Later, none complete.

Genre; Fantasy, Fictional, Young Adult (Only half developed, this is subject to change, as is all the info.)

Summary; When young Annabel George was born, her dreams were filled with the memories of fun. She heard music in her head, and when she walked, it was as though she danced. She could not write without a story coming out on the paper. But the world she had been born to was a barren wasteland, the people had even forgotten what the word muse meant. Wherever one looked, it appeared as though smiles, fun, happiness had long been discarded, replaced with the requirements to survive. Annabel grew up as an outcast, completely lacking self confidence. So she threw herself into the abilities that made her unique. As she aged, the land grew worse. Animals and plants were scarce, rain had not been seen for three years, and Annabel found herself plagued with dreams of what the land wanted in order for it to heal. Can a young girl of but sixteen, go against the rulers of her country, her parents, and perhaps the only people likely to accept her, in order to save the entire world?

I hold all rights to bite anyone I find using any of the above summaries, stories, or broad ideas. I hope that you will be respectful and ask before using in anyway. Thank you.

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