a 25-year-old femme from the United States

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"If I fail, I'd like it to be on my own terms."


Hello there! Glad you dropped by. Just a teenager on the cusp of adulthood who just doesn't want to grow up here. Besides my love of writing, I honestly have too many of-the-moment obsessions to count- but amongst some of the addictions that are eating my life away are: Asian pop music and all the drama that ensues, being a wild fan of figure-skating, playing around with GIMP, the most awesome photoshop replacement EVAR, and watching J-dramas/K-dramas. The latter just devours my time to no end.

Favorite music of the moment: all kinds. Depends on what I'm writing and what kind of mood I'm in. A lot of times, what I'm listening to gets incorporated in the story I'm writing.

Currently Reading: Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close by Jonathan Safran Foer

Completed Projects:

Crybaby (Poem)

Lost without hope, found without a dream. Either way, it hurts. 


Current Project:

Is it an Idol?

"There's a thin line between chasing your dreams and being selfish. Have I just crossed the line?"

This story focuses on three extremely different aspiring celebrities who face their own unique struggles as they experience the dark underbelly of the Japanese entertainment industry.

Jae, a young Korean born to a musically inclined family, has been stifled by her parents' overbearing musical preferences, and finally decides to try her hand at breaking into the K-pop industry, only to be brutally rejected. Has she reached a dead end?

Hiro, an underworked actor struggles to find work where he can, and despite his optimistic outlook he can feel the beginnings of regret stirring in his heart. Will he turn his back on the career he once pursued with passion?

Azami, the veteran of the idol industry at the tender age of twelve, feels like the smile that's been plastered on her face day in and day out is wearing out. Is her mask about to crack?

Follow these three as their paths intertwine, pulled by the strings of fate.

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