just a girl from HELL.

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"I should have known he would take my heart and tell me his love was true, only to then turn and break it, and leave it in the rain when only he can fix it."

My heart is broken. Trust me, thats not just expression, I felt it, every single bit breaking from whole. I still love him. Its true, that first love, its true love, dont you ever let it go. Fight for it, even if it seems pointless. Ill never give up.  I love him, and always will. Until dying days come. And even in death, forever his.I so need him. God help me.
..will love her forever and not a day less..
How is it possible that my heart beats for him, and him beats against me?
How is it possible that I still remember and he doesnt even care?
The pain helps me to forget hm for awhile, but his memory remains powerfull enough to hurt. I love him.

You know who you are out there. I love you and it's my fault that I'm not letting go. Maybe it's you. If it is then please release me. Let my heart rest in pieces.

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