a 20-year-old from a storm of words

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"A living shut-in. Nerd. I dislike the outdoors unless it's a mile or beyond my front door and requires no walking. Also, books. Give me another one."


A whole year's break since I joined here and I've found myself rusting a little. Also with no memory of what I was doing except hitting the brakes on moving too fast through daily life (meh). 

Here are a few things about me:

  • the phoenix. My favorite bird. It's my answer if anyone asks me what my favorite animal is, even if mythical creatures aren't counted.
  • I like mysteries and anything to do with mind games. Bonus points if the protagonist is the one who's got the brains for such a thing; it's my favorite trope in manga.
  • Yeah, manga. I like - no, love - manga over anime. 

Now, then! Let's see what I churn out, now that I'm back. :D


My works - the old ones...I've kinda lost touch with their plots by now:

Solo Stories --->

The Game Begins: world that relies on a virtual reality's game to survive, and now an enemy looms over to seize control of it. A total world of epicness! - that I seem to lean towards(in progress, but currently, due to writer's block, I don't have enough to post up about it)

Soul Reaper: a supernatural city that involves Espers with more than sixth-senses as their abilities, and a guy with a tragic past, though he doesn't show it right now (I'll put it on hold for a bit)

Swallowtail: The Lost Girl: an attempt at a mystery where a detective agency called Swallowtail is out to investigate the disappearance of a girl(in progress)


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