a 22-year-old lady from the United Kingdom

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"Courage isn't the absence of fear but rather something is more important than fear. The brave may not live forever but the caucious do not live at all. " "It is not what the world holds, it what you bring to it" “Dreams and Aspirations are an important part of life and you are not complete (Human) without them.” "Better be Safe than Sorry" "Shut Up" "Hi Weirdo :P"

♥ I am a Christian ♥ above all else

I ♥ Anime/Manga                                                                        (Like all Except the occational few (also depends on the type of art work. The first 4 I have ever seen are: Sailor Moon, Pokemon, Dragon Ball Z & Yu-Gi-Oh!)

I ♥ Most Disney (Fave Princess - Ariel (The Little Mermaid)

My FAVOURITE Author at the moment P.C. & Kristen CAST Especially their House of Night and Goddess Summoning Novels I also like their Parthalon Novels too (Basically all of their work joint or not XD )

I am scared of Horror related things (the max horror related is Vamp Diaries or so) I like more of the action, romance, good vs evil type of genre.

I also have some work published in the Mini Saga Wales - Secondary School Section as well as the Poet version of the competition :)

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