a 22-year-old cat from Midgard, United States

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"They should change it from "Why do people kill those who kill others" to "Why do people kill those who murders others" If you're in a fox hole with one other person durring a war, and you have the only cigarette, share it, because he might be the only one who saves your life."

Hey guys, welcome to my profile. 

I'm a young woman looking to get my works out there and to get a little feedback. I love to write and I love to draw, and one day I will be publishing multiple stories of mine, all in the categories of young adult and fantasy, with a little paranormal on the side.

A few of my favorite series are the Inkworld Trilogy, the Inheritance Cycle, Immortal Instruments series, the Vampire Academy series, Harry Potter, Levin Thumps, A Song of Ice and Fire (more comonly known as A Game of Thrones), Percy Jackson, Maximum Ride, the Chronicles of Narnia, and the Hunger Games trilogy.

I am aiming to become a Game Designer as well. I have a minecraft map that I am making by hand into an RP game that will hopefully be up and running for the public in about two years. It's a medieval-era based game, if I can describe it I would say it's something like a mix of Eragon and A Game of Thrones.

Video games are a large part of my life, if you couldn't tell already. I own a ps2, ps3, game cube, psp, and a ds-lite. I am big on RP games, but I can never get a grasp on FPS or racing, they're not my style. I love the blade in combat, always have and always will. I feel like RPs have more to offer to me, since my taste is in puzzles, exploration, magic, and an in-depth story line.

A few of my favorite games are (ds) FFIII, Valkerie Profile, (psp) Legend of Heroes, Daxter, FF Tactics, (ps2) FFX, FFXII, Okami, Ratchet and Clank, Jak and Daxter, Spider Man 3, Thrillvile Off the Rails, Kingdom Hearts, Avatar the Last Airbender, (ps3) Assassin's Creed, Dragon Age, Skyrim, Fallout 3

List of Likes; crescent moons, lynx, writing, reading, walking, camping, meeting new people, God, Norse Mythology, Greek Mythology, creativity, home

List of Dsilikes; know-it-alls, veggie burgers, nasty people, no manners

I am working on 13 series right now, but I am in the midst of getting CWTM out for the kindle. For anyone looking to publish and don't mind the electronic books, kindle is free and anyone can do it. I just have to make sure that my first book is ready for publishing.

I ask for critiques, not criticism. There is a difference. Critiquing is when someone examines something and points out the good sides and the bad sides and offers their opinions on how to make it better. Criticism is all out nasty "I hate this, worst thing ever" without stating why they feel that way. I will not acknowladge anyone who does the second.

If you want to talk, feel free to contact me~ I won't bite at all! Promise!

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