a 23-year-old girl from Manitoba, Canada

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I live in a small town very north in Manitoba.  It's winter here for at least 7 months a year.  The temperature is usually around -20 degrees celsius to -50 degrees celsius.  We usually get LOTS of snow too, but this year we were lucky.

I live with my mom, who is an english teacher at our only high school, and my dog Roxy, a short haired chihuahua.  I have no brothers or sisters and my father was a jerk and left us when he got another girl pregnant. I don't really care though, everybody who knows him doesn't really like him.

My life dream is to become a famous writer and have many books become a best seller.  I want to go to Oxford university when I'm done with high school, but I'd have to study all day and night.  So I've decided to go somewhere else outside of the country.

What erks me the most when people eat with their mouth open and never shut up and when they crave attention every second of the day.  Also when people abbreviate everything they say: wats up ppl? omg cn u blve tht she did tht 2 me?  I hate it when people do that!

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