a 23-year-old male from Canada

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"The obvious is not obvious to me."

Hello my name is Aaron Cotton and I'm from Shawnigan, British Columbia, Canada and I am 15 years old. I go to Frances Kelsey Secondary School which is pretty great because it's self directed so I'm about a year ahead. I also have a job at A&W which while the people working there are pretty nice is still a fast food job.

I play classical guitar and I like to write ( as should be obvious) and I also have a passing interest in politics and I read a lot of history along with my standby bad fantasy paperbacks and cheesy sci-fi. I also play computer games and video games from time to time but I'm not much of a fanatic.

My favourite author is Stephen King and my writing style is certainly imative of his in some ways. I also like reading fantasy and have played Dungeons and Dragons since Grade 4 and have recently started playing some GURPS as well which is also a paper and dice rpg.

I joined protagonize because I liked the concept and as I said I like to write as well as read. See you somewhere on the site!


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