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"Read a man a book and he will forget it tomorrow; give a man a pen and he will stick you in the neck with it." - Cooperweb proverb

"It was the goodest of times, it was the worsier of times."

Well first off, my parole officer told me that I ain't got no good english. And I was all like "Whaa?" And he was all like "just don't leave town." But I figgered they ain't no fricken reason why I can't be writing down the great american novel between drug testing visits.  I'll show them. I'll show them ALL! That's right, I'm talking to you, Fiona. And you still owe me that six dollars, biotch.

p.s. Absolutely charmed to make your acquaintance.



I write short, finished stories.
Chances are, if it is posted, it is done.

Short Stories:

The Chicken and The Road

A Writer Writes


The Legend of Clara
Chase the Wind, Play with Fire

Single chapter collabs:

Sammy and the Imminent Blindness
Sammy and the Ravenous Wolves
Sammy and the Titanic


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