a cat from Yorkshire, United Kingdom

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"Theres a girl in the garden: shaun of the dead. Let me tell you a story to chill the bones About a thing that I saw One night wandering in the everglades I'd one drink but no more I was rambling, enjoying the bright moonlight: Iron Maiden"


It's Caitlin-Rose Owens.. y'know? The one who disappeared ^_^ Yeah, well I'm back with a new account. So if all of you don't hate me too much, add me :)

  • Hi,



  • BOOKS!!!
  • Music
  • Shoes.
  • HATSSS!!(drool)
  • my bed
  • The internet
  • my cat and cats in general.
  • Doctor Who. (whoop whoop, go Amy!)
  • Writing.


But there are some serious bits about me, I don't liked to be messed with unless I know it's a joke. Do not joke about my uhh.. 'Morbid Much?' sense of humor, kay? Oh and, don't screw with me, I may be young but I'm a devious little bugger... and hard to shake off.

So yeh, rate and comments til your heart is content.

<3 SLIPKNOT & IRON MAIDEN ~ live long

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