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"It is not our intelligence which segregates us from the other life on this Earth, but our responsibility as a species and our ignorance of it. "

Hello ladies and gents!

The name is Connor, the man of many but too little time to get any of it done! I am a game developer, graphic artist, philosopher, and of course an aspiring writer :P

I write my stories based of two things usually: Epic Dungeons & Dragons campaigns I host, or amazing and unbelievably vivid dreams I write down. Some of them include:

Solo Stories:

The Runes of Rahkfolk - Zardraken's Crypt:

A novel about a young Hobbit named Balamor Wisebeard who seeks knowledge both supernatural and common in uncharted lands. The first book in a series of 9 planned books. Based on a D&D campaign with close friends. My biggest most active work.

Lye and The Root:

Another D&D based story, a fantasy/fairy tale about a foretold prophecy with a twist of romance and the destruction of a strange land called Bryl.

The Legion:

A novel about the mysteries of the Afterlife, backed up with religous events about life and death. The main character Credo wakes up in a world where he has been waking forever in Limbo. Based on my dreams and personal philosophy. Only the first page so far D:

Epoch Stasis:

Another single page story from a crazy dream I had. Vincent Avery wakes up on an icey moon with his clipper team. He finds out their mission was aborted and they were cut off with the rest of humanity.

TRR will be my main focus until it is finished, other works will be updated after that is done. Sorry for the lack of content, but feedback helps get me motivated! Thanks!


A Living

Stranded By

Infrequently Enough

That Ring You Wear


The Keeper

Paper Slaves




Freeze Point - Me, GardeniasCastles, and Nerathul

Unknown name(lol) - Me and Immzie

My Favorite Authors on Protagonize:

GardeniasCastle: She's definitely my closest homie on here. Her feedback is fantastic and her works are incredible, my favorites so far is her story Seven Hours. You haven't heard of it? OMG read it now! She will amaze you, I promise.

Immzie: Another good writer here, please read The Frog Prince and The Broken Kingdom, both are just awesome! She is just shy, and somehow writing a trillion stories at once. But a great friend of mine on here :)

JHHopewell: This guy is inspiring with his writing, his voice in his works is strange yet very engaging at the same time. Check out his Rouge flash fictions, and The Hour of The Red Queen they are so epic! If he reads your works, he gives great feedback that can be very constructive. 

Annnnnnnd That's all folks! Stay frosty! :D


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