a 19-year-old male from Scotland, United Kingdom

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"The boy who lived,come to die"~Voldemort "Just write,"Dr Isensee (My English teacher)

Hello I'm Connor. Im a Fourteen year old Scottish boy trying to make it threw high school.
I write  because i honestly can't not write. I also love to act and have been told i'm good at it so why not? I love acting as much as I love writing.Reading is the thing that brought me to writing and acting because reading just gave me so many ideas.  I hope you enjoy my work , fell free to leave feedback ,the good,the bad and the ugly:).
I like to work with other writers and share ideas so if your interested just post on my profile. I also would not mind reading other peoples work so just ask , my thoughts might not be worth anything but don't be shy. 
The link is to my facebook writing page , join if you like writing :D! 

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