a 19-year-old hobo from Hogwarts school of Witchcraft, United States

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"I try not to think, it interferes with being nuts." -Leo Valdez <3

 Well...I like pie. I am 14 and i and a read-a-holic... ask anyone...i read like a maniac! and i want to get all these crazy ideas out of my head and the only good, logical way to do that is to write them out! (this is a first because i don't usually do things the good, logical way!)um...I have a dad and a mom and a little bro who's 3. I do do swaps and I am gonna be completely honest with you so please don't be mad. if i like it, i'll tell you. if I don't, i don't. (except for you grace O. im gonna lie and dislike everything you write! jk....maybe...) I'm all about the Hero's of Olympus books and the Harry potter series. GO GRYFFINDOR! AND LEO VALDEZ!!! Most importantly, i like pie.(cherry pie, at that!)  Also please please please please please PLEASE  actually read my demented, messed up AWESOME stories. Thank you.  my fave TV shows are: the big bang theory, Avatar, the Legend of Korra, Adventure time!, the adventures of gumball, My little pony: friendship is magic, MAD and my fave movies are: Toy Story 2, Titanic, Nemo :) ELF! and I can't live without: my family and my books and my music. i would die without them. oh! air and water (obviously)


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