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First things first, you should know (if you hadnt already guessed) that my name is neither Cone nor Mia, infact, i am probably the least likely person to be called Mia you could possibly imagine (not to mention Cone). Its also blatently evident that a certain anagram finder site came into place when deciding a fake name, much to my unsatisfaction i fear because this was the only collection of names (i say names) it could find and even here it missed out an i and an e.

Often, just from the first paragraph that someone writes, you are said to be able to detemine their character, so, at the moment, you probably believe me to be some pedantic, sad, 'doesnt get out enough', unimaginitive, unintelligent, dimwitted, slightly absentminded tosspot - and i can say with all confidence that there is no one in the world more able than Amelia.A to tell you just how true that really is! 

Just one more thing (or else i might strain myself), i am the most useless writer <--writer is bit too strong a word perhaps (but i suppose its true to the extent that i write). the thing is, i spend hours trying to think of someting to write about, and once i am confident i have thought of a good idea (doesnt happen often) i then proceed to mess it up as soon as i write about it. So im really sorry if i put a bad name to this site (as you can see i havent brought myself to write anything yet-but this profile is enough for me just now, maybe in about 5 more months i will get round to writing a story...or a chapter...or a line...or a character, but i'm sure it will be an extraordinarily good character!) 

...Sorry, one more thing, i have been defeated by the question of gender, at first i thought that i may have just stumbled upon a question i may know the answer to, but the sight that greeted my eyes was not a happy one. Im stuck! What am i?-at later reference, i decided to call myself a girl, as I believe I am.

On the bright side, i feel i have just stumbled across a subject to write about, something vaguely based aroud the traumatic first experience with this website.

Ok this is quite sad now, i know im getting tedious, but i have discovered a way to talk to myself and not get strange looks, simply by writing on this profile thing. Advisably, if you've reached this far, quit while your ahead because if you havent already died of bordom, you will soon. 

As you can see, i have not yet added any stories and I'm afraid that as every day goes by, I am getting closer and closer to uploading my diary to Protagonize, just so I have something on here! Although, thinking about it (doesn't happen often), that won't be a particularly thrilling story, I mean you'll just get page after page of; "Woke up, somewhat reluctantly, and went to school. Am on bus and feeling particularly bothered by the twist in my tights. with hindsight, I should've sorted it out while i was dressing at home but that would've been wasting valuable time in which i could eat a crumpet..."-Every page is like that, no, honestly it is. I never learn to sort out that twist in my tights.

I was saying i should add a story but really i should just keep on writing here, it's a lot easier you know.     

Hello...again, am very bored but really can't bring myself to start a story so i think i'll just keep on going here. if anyone has any ideas, please give me them because i have no imagination and as such (fairly obviously) cant think of anything to write about.  

Do you know what happens if you run out of space here?-i may well have to just keep on writing meaningless drivel to find out

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