a 23-year-old male from Ireland

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Hey all! I'm an 21 year old Irish writer.  I love the Fantasy and Thriller genres, and have recently been getting into writing in the Drama genre too. The Bloodstone- My main story

I'm a big reader, always have a book on the go. I love to write my own stories as well, hoping to write a book one day!

I'm also interested in screenwriting and filming: JacComedy - my friends and myself's video group! :D

I'm currently working on a massive project in the background to all this: a fantasy epic which I hope to publish one day. I am currently working on building the fantasy world for this series!

But of course I have lots of other stuff on the go so I should always have something to post here!

If you insist on rating me badly, please leave a comment so I can improve as a writer.


The Bloodstone

The Mind's Dance

Laoch Láidir- a hero's journey (On Hold)

Blood (on hold)

Infected (on hold)

As Shadows Encroach (on hold)

The Killer (on hold)

Collabs I am in:




Short Stories:


A Case of Mistaken Identity

 Completed Collabs:

Dark of the Night

Light of the Dawn


Authors I would reccommend:

Robert Jordan- Wheel of Time

Terry Brooks- Shanara

James Patterson- Alex Cross + numerous others

Derek Landy- Skulduggery Pleasent

Michael Scott- The Secrets of the Immortal Nicholas Flammel

Christopher Paolini- Inheritance cycle

Brent Weeks- Night Angel Trilogy

Currently Reading:

Feast for Crows - George R. R. Martin

Northern Lights - Phillip Pullman

Hound of the Baskervilles - Arthur Conan Doyle

The Second World War - Anthony Beevor

TV Shows

The Walking Dead


Doctor Who


How I met Your Mother


American Horror Story

and many more...



The Script

Orla Gartland

Biffy Clyro

Ryan Sheridan

Snow Patrol

Bon Iver

Green Day

Red Hot Chili Peppers

30 Seconds to Mars

The Killers

Owl City


Rage Against the Machine


And loads more...

Protag Writers you should check out:

Anna_Devlin- she's a great fantasy writer! make sure you check out her story Dhampir One of my favourite people here on Protag! :D

xkatieshepherd-she is a Great writer! Brilliant to do collabs with aswell! One of my favourite people here on Protag! :D

TheRosesBloom- she has a brilliant style of writing and is great to do collabs with as well! It seems that in anything we write together, our characters always fall in love! :) All of her works are good and worth checking out. She is probably my favourite person here on Protag :D


I'll be happy to read and critique any work; just drop me a comment :)

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