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"Ambition makes you look pretty ugly, kicking, squealing, gucci little piggy."

Reading is escapism. Living through other people's eyes, a respite from your own perspective. The advantage of books is that they can be carried anywhere. Dip into the obscure for five minutes, or take a structured whodunnit to the park and zone out for an afternoon.

After reading a good book, my reaction is always "If I could pen anything even half as good as that, I'd be well chuffed". So that's my next step. Read more, write more.

Stuff for my profile - I'm almost 30. I've done Glastonbury this year. I have a job in an office. I enjoy good ale. I like the coast. I have an unhealthy obsession about the apocalypse. I have great friends. I'm too easily irritated. I wish there were more hours in the day.

Currently reading:

The Drought

The Crow Road


recommend to any passing stranger - The Road (Cormac  McCarthy)

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