a 49-year-old male from New York, New York, United States

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"We are here to learn how to choose, and to choose how to learn - Michael Entity"

Self-conscious, Self-deprecating, Intuitive, Spiritual, Philosophical, (almost-)Vegan, Gay, Metaphysical Man-Boy with a need to question everything from the nature of the universe to why my friend looked past my shoulder last week.

I look forward to the day when human animals are seen as equal to non-human animals, at least in terms of pursuit for life, freedom, and happiness.

I live on an average of 6 hours of sleep, wake up like a happy smurf on crack.

I have a keen sense of consideration and compassion for other poeple and love deciphering the patterns of a person's existence.

Although I feel like the oldest of souls, I wake up every day in awe of this amazing life and world, even when it's at its worst.

Part cartoon character, bumbling guru, overgrown child, and Lucille Ball. I am very wise, yet sometimes have no common sense.

I have a very mild jealous streak and some serious insecurities that I keep under control, but they sneak out occasionally and I don`t pretend to be above making a fool of myself over my fears. I carry the weight of emotional responsibility on my own, but I believe a committed relationship/friendship bears the responsibility of making room for BOTH of us and all of our wounds and baggage, which means making room for all of the mess and all of the love. And there IS plenty of room, if you make it.

I feel like I love myself, but I can also be my most destructive critic. I am a contradiction of empowering maturity and naive, whiny innocence. I am overly passionate, eagerly romantic, a die hard monogamist, and love the playful nightlife as much as I do the domestic downtime.

I never get bored.

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