a 23-year-old female from maidstone, UK, United Kingdom

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"there are no strangers here, only friends we've yet to meet :)"

hey y'all, my name's laura and i am a huge fan of the twilight saga, i just have a thing for vampires *mmm...yummy* lolz, i live in emgland but might be moving to germany someday, where oh where will this world take me, :p .

anyway i live in england with my mum and stepdad, not forgetting little bro, who is like me in most ways :s hehehe...but yeah, i love writing, i've been writing stories and poetry since i was like 4, my first story was about this kitten that hurt its paw and only mummy cat's ,magic kiss could make it better, i was 4 you know... :)

anyway, i'm in the midst if writing a story now but when its finished i'll post it x

loves to y'all x

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