a 22-year-old dudette from Kent, United Kingdom

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"There are no rules of architecture for a castle in the clouds." - G.K. Chesterton "The reason a writer writes a book is to forget a book and the reason a reader reads one is to remember it." Thomas Wolfe

I'm just an average 18 year old with too much time to spare and so little to do. So I've decided to try and write some more! Hopefully uploading to this site will encourage me to do more writing and to actually finish them instead of decide they're no good and just delete them from existence :|

I guess since this bio isn't really that fleshed out, I'll add some random facts about me in no particular order :3

  • I'm a coeliac, which means I can't eat gluten or wheat. Also, technically Oats, Barley and Rye but Oats I'm alright with.
  • I have a job cleaning a Premier Inn hotel every weekend. Hard work but I get paid and that's what matters right now :D
  • I love playing video games. Mostly on PC. I think I spend too much time playing L4D2, Killing Floor, Bioshock and Audiosurf.
  • I have quite a few 'big secrets' that many of my friends don't know about me, but I think most of my closest friends do know. 
  • I have a boyfriend called Ben whom I've been in a relationship with for over a year now :3
  • I have a cat called Milly and a dog called Perdy. I don't like my dog's name but we got her from a friend who rescued her from a shelter after he couldn't look after her anymore because Perdy and his other dog didn't get on well.
  • I took a 2 year A Level course in English Language (and also Media Studies). I was happy during the first year as it was all creative writing - which is when I wrote my story Guilt - but as we went into the second year it became all about the history of the English language and I started to go off it.
  • I was given an exclusive extension to get my English Language and Media Studies coursework completed and handed in. My final deadline was 2 days before it had to be sent to the examiners for grading.
  • I work better under pressure, I think. I somehow get more done in the last couple days before my deadlines.
  • I also draw as a hobby, however I don't pride myself on my drawings like I do my writing.
  • I'm very modest and also have self confidence and self-esteem issues, due to a childhood of bullying.
  • I feel like I'm not very articulate when I speak but I am when I write. For instance, if I were to try to tell my boyfriend how much I love him I wouldn't be able to get the words out right unless I wrote them down on paper. (Yeah, I've done this before >///< )
  • I love tea. So much.
  • I like sweet things. I usually put 3-4 sugars in a big mug of tea, though my mug is pretty much 3 times the size of a teacup.
  • I eat too much junk food and want to exercise, but am far too lazy to do so. Therefore I'm hoping that the long walk to work every weekend and all the work I'll be doing in the hotel will somewhat help, as well as some kind of exercise regime during the week. :3
  • I want to become a published author at some point in my life, even if I have to have a job I'm not entirely interested in while I work on writing as a hobby.
  • I've considered keeping diaries, but I don't stick to it. Maybe I will at some point soon.
  • I have the weirdest dreams sometimes :|

So uh, yeah. That's me :3

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