a 20-year-old lady

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I am just a genuine lover of life. I have two rabbits, a cat and a dog. I am obsessive about goldfish crackers, carpets, flamingos, gnomes, and broadway. I talk incessantly and genuinely prefer anything to silence. I love rain and yet Im terrified by thunder and lightning. I take holidays way too seriously. I drink my coffee black. I am a devoted Christian. I value confidence most I think. Books, music, and movies are comforting to me. I can do a British, Scottish, Irish,  AMercian Southern, and Russian accent. I can't walk in heels. I can play two instruments. I enjoy writing everything from poetry to novels to essays. My favorite color is pink and I dont think it's cliche. I still love coloring books, and coloring for that matter. I am a really good cook ...most of the time. I am overly emotional when I watch movies. I have a giant dolphin stuffed animal that I sleep with. His name is Sebastian the Whale Washin' Dolphin(please get that reference). I have no idea what my astrological sign is but I never understood why that I important. Im a hypochondriac. I miss being a kid so much. I never watch the Super Bowl. But I do love baseball. I can't stand soccer. I have this unnecessary love for stairs and staircases. Julie Andrews is my hero. Bohemian Rhapsody is stuck in my head right now. I love dark chocolate. I like some...and only games. Why isn't The Hunchback of Notre Dame(disney) a more popular movie? Seriously, it's wonderful. I have a talent for making awkward situations even more awkward. I love hotels and traveling and airplanes and road trips.

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