an 18-year-old hobo from Middle Earth

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"Even the smallest person can change the course of the future - Galadriel"

Hi fellow human being. I'm Cindy (obviously)

So.... I'm a very unsocial person who can not hold a conversation unless its about stuff I like or its a debate in which I am correct.

My favourite character ever is Joffrey from Game of Thrones. While that might seem weird, I think he's cool and he didn't deserve to die.

Skydancer - <<<<<<<<<< Read this one. I was very happy when I logged on one day and saw how many views it had. Thankyou to anyone who has read it, I officially love you.

forever - Sequel to Skydancer (Elodie)

The Other Twin - My first story about a girl who's twin kills herself and how she copes with it

The Cloned Chronicles - originally Unbeknown To Me (don't ask about all the names starting with 'E').... Ezrai is omitted from hospital and finds out a horrible truth which changes her life forever.

The Song Of My Heart - It's hard to explain the way it feels when you write your own song (or in this case, my third) I never write down the music, I just commit it to memory. That way its my own, and it will never be anyone elses.

 Favourite Authors:

Michael Grant (Gone series and BZRK trilogy)

Jessica Shirvington (Embrace series)

J.K Rowling (If you don't know then GTFO)

J. R. R. Tolkien (Ze Hobbit and LotR)

Garth Nix (Keys to the Kingdom)

Lauren Kate ( Fallen series)


Music that I recommend everyone should listen to:

Eluveitie- a robotic computer thing named Cleverbot recommended them to me. Sad.

Parkway Drive (All their songs are amazingly awesomely just the best)

The Amity Affliction- (Open Letter and Life Underground)

Bullet For My Valentine- (Tears Don't Fall)

Pierce The Veil- (EVERYTHING)

 Black Veil Brides (Pretty much all their older songs and In The End)

 The Beatles ( Literally Everything)

AC/DC (Everything)

KISS (Rock and Roll All Night)

Crown The Empire

Upon This Dawning-

Woe, Is Me-

Rise Against

A Day To Remember (Anything)

We Came As Romans (Anything)

In Hearts Wake (Skydancer)

Escape The Fate (This War Is Ours and Ashley)

 Iron Maiden ( Rime Of The Ancient Mariner)

Foreigner (Everything)

Sleeping With Sirens (I love Kellin)

Black Sabbath (Heaven and Hell)

 Guns N Roses (Don't Cry)

Tv Series:


The Walking Dead,

The Mentalist

The Carrie Diaries


LotR and the Hobbit,

Star Wars,

 Back to the Future trilogy


I am also a boss at chess.

If Gandalf was going to go head to head against Dumbledore, Gandalf would win by a mile.

Your argument is invalid.

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