a 28-year-old gentleman from Park Benches, United States

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"If everyone wants to make me out as the bad guy, I guess I should start playing the part... - It was my favorite quote by myself"

Who am I? Well thats a story within its self to be honest with you. Who I am isn't truely as important as to what I want to do, correct? I am an aspiring renaissance man in which I am not just a writer but an artist, photographer, musician, actor, and a maniac. Sorry, don't worry about that last one. I am working on a few screen plays at the moment, in which I will post up on here later, and a novella called Sorry, I'm an *%$@*%#, which will probably never be finished. Talk to me if you want, if not, rot in hell. HA!


Umm... if your interested in what I do you can check out my myspace @

And I'm on facebook too, if that is your poison...

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