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"'The director's cut is fatal' From the front page of Teen Fiction book Slawter, by author of the Demonata series, Darren O' Shaughnessy (otherwise known as Darren Shan). I think the quote refers to how the directors plan for making the movie backfires on her and... well... I won't say too much more."

My name is Chris Le Quesne. It's a french name that originates from the five islands in the middle of the English Channel between South England and Normandy (as well as a few other of the northernmost provinces of France), known as Jersey, Guernsey, Alderney, Herm and Sark, the former of which is the island my father was taken in by the closest people I have to a Grandmother and Grandfather (meaning I do not technically have the 'Le Quesne' genetics and am only a Le Quesne by law). The name is rarely found off the island and is in fact not a French word so much as a word adapted from the french language into that of the Jersey-French. Anyway, moving on, I am 14 years old and aspire to become a writer, although it is not currently in mind as my career choice as a smart writer would be best off starting their dream with a normal career choice and working on their writing as a hobby until one day, they find that are about to achieve that long-awaited 'lucky break' they've been waiting for. I for one wouldn't mind hitting it off early but am in no hurry as I am still moderately young, and though it would be incredible to achieve status as a published author at my young age, I highly doubt this dream will go beyond that into the real world. But such pessimistic thoughts will get me nowhere. I must have optimism, and inspiration, and so I have now joined what I should imagine to be others that share my ambition and ask of Protagonize to help me through the journey towards achieving what I have set out to do.

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