a 36-year-old gentleman from Perth, Australia

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Hi, Im just a guy who wants to write. Like many other people out there, Ive become disenchanted with the drawl of my 9-5, working for a cause I dont really believe in, with people I dont really get along with, while making money for someone I dont really think I'll ever meet. Or even learn their name.

Ive recently discovered that yes! I can write for a living, and have been spending the last few weeks reading, investing in e-books, planning, taking notes, and generally thinking, living, and breathing writing in every spare moment of my life. Ive even been dreaming writing, and waking up in the middle of the night to jot down story ideas on trello.

Im a scorpio and an idealist at heart, I guess that makes me a perfect writer.. hu hu hu. Im full of weird and wonderful ideas, and love the notion of painting a whole world with words. But also 100% committed to making writing my 9-5 too, seeing it as a career and a job, and taking it seriously enough to know that some things I write will be fun, while others will be the equivalent of pulling my own teeth out with a rusty pair of scissors.

Anyways, enough said. If you've read this far then something I have written has obviously got your attention, and I'm glad for that. I love connection with others so say hi anytime =)

Over and out,


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