a 20-year-old funky monkey from The Land of Ooo

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I like to write Gay Romance stories so you will probably see those a lot. I am willing to do collaborations with people so all you have to do is ask, though if it's not in my expertise (Romance, Fantasy, Supernatural) I might not do it. It could be some good practice so maybe I will.

Anywho, about me: I am a 16 year old boy who wants to become a sign language interpreter and an author on the side. I have an amazing boyfriend who supports me in (almost) everything I do. I have great friends and I hope to make some on this site as well.

I also have a slight obsession with One Direction. I probably will write a story or two about Larry Stylinson or Lilo Paynlinson. Probably Larry because I love that ship.

I love anime and manga. I wouldn't consider myself an otaku but I do know a lot about anime.

I am in the Vocaloid and Utau fandom. I've been in the Vocaloid fandom for 5 years and in the Utau fandom for 4. Ask me a question about Vocaloid and I can probably tell you. Ask me a question about Utau, I can most likely tell you. I don't really have a favourite Vocaloid because it's just so hard to pick just one. I don't have a favourite Utau either. I do in fact own 4 Utaus. Honoka and Minami Kikaine, Inu Ryouka and Miyako Kasumika.

I love Pokemon and have loved it ever since I was 4 years old. I want to write a story about Pokemon and have my own region and my own pokemon but I'm not creative enough to make them. Or I just need to work on descriptions. But yea, my favourite Pokemon is Trubbish because I think it's adorkable and my favourite character is Cilan/Dento.

Well thank you for reading this, hope you give me good feedback on my stories :3

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