a 21-year-old cat from Witley :), Germany

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"Would you stop trying to undress yourself?!" - Eclipse

Heya thanks for looking at my Profile!

I have never really written any stories in a forum like this before and therefore I am quite excited to be part of this community, really :) If you read my stuff please remember that I am actually German and that might be a reason for grammatical mistakes.

If you see any just push me into their direction, without being rude or insulting my Nationality. Simply because that is rude and does truly not belog into a place like Protagonize.

My favorite topic is definatly fantasy and someitmes even X-Treme teen. My favorite books are the Twilight series (My best friend *WW* will agree, although I am Team Edward) BUt I also like more serious stuff.

I hope you like my material and appreciate the plot of my stories, I am good at making up worlds :)

Lots of Love,




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