a 25-year-old woman from Oklahoma, United States

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"Reality is a lovely place, but I wouldn't want to live there."

I don't have a lot to share, really. My name is BreAnn and I'm 24 years old. I live in the oh so exciting state of Oklahoma. I have a service dog and I love writing romance and fantasy stories. I hope you guys will like what I put up here!

I love meeting new writers, too, so I can't wait to meet you guys!

Here's a list of my stories!

Released - After her mother was murdered unjustly by a guard, the prince sends Persephone to live in the village instead of his cruel father's suggestion of putting her in the dungeons. Ten years later, King Luca calls on the favor Persephone owes him. *Complete*

Locked - King Luca has managed to keep his kingdom at peace for 40 years with the help of his wife, Persephone. However, their daughter refuses to marry, putting a strain on Luca who made a secret promise. Even though he still has two years to find her a husband, an old enemy decides to strike as Luca's last hope comes to call on his daughter. *In Progress*

Coffee and Love - Mirela Garrett lives with her mother in an Oklahoma suburb. Though she's half American, her appearance is that of her Romanian half. A hopeless romantic, Mirela is waiting for the right person to come along. Who knew the right person would be the egotistical dick, Caleb Parrish? *Completed*

Night Vision - The story follows Kendra Moreau, adopted daughter of Camille and Erik Moreau. After moving to New York, Kendra is desperate to find her soulmate. Though her uncle is sure it's just puberty, Kendra's sanity is put in danger. *Completed*

Moonlight Shadow - One night on the full moon, 23 year old Camille Abbott goes out to get a gift for her father. Then she crosses paths with Erik Moreau and her life is taken from her. *Completed*

Angel in the Night - David is a timid young man from an abusive home. After a mandatory summons to a royal ball, he is chosen to compete for the princess' hand in marriage. However, it soon becomes clear there is more to David's life than he thought. *Completed*

Animus Vox - Corstelis has been sheltered by her mother, Rosebud, and yearns to leave the palace grounds. The enchanted forest just outside the village and werewolf colony is changing. Something has shifted. When King David sends his heir in to investigate, Corstelis is given permission to go. Corstelis is about to find out there's more to her than just three races combined into one. Sequel to 'Angel in the Night'. *In Progress*

Night Enchanted - This is what happens when mythology and reality collide. This is what happens when a human falls in love with an elf. This is what happens when their love sparks a war. This is what happens when you have to make a choice. This is what happens when you risk losing everything to be with your soulmate. *Completed*

United - Lillian the elf and Roan the vampire have been chosen to do something that's never been done before: merge their two races by marrying. However, there is someone among their races that isn't too thrilled with it. *Completed*

When Two Worlds Collide - Elvira Rivers comes from a rich family. After her father's passing, though, her mother dotes on her older brother and hates Elvira. Thomas Buckley is poor and struggling to provide for and raise his little sister, Megan. Their two lives meet when Elvira and her brother are sent to collect special trinkets for a party. *Completed*

Fire and Ice - It's been twelve years since Elvira and Thomas married. It's also been twelve years since Megan watched a man try to kill both of them. Since then, Megan has cut off any interaction with men. Three come forward, though, after she graduates. Can one of them be the fire to melt the ice wall she has created? (Sequel to When Two Worlds Collide) *Completed*

Finding Beauty - Eroan Morro is half elf, half human. His mother has kept his true father's identity a secret until today, his 27th birthday. However, she falls deathly ill and he embarks on a journey with his sister and their friends to find a rumored flower that will save her. (Sequel to Night Enchanted) *Completed*

The Elite - Nathaniel Banker was at the top of the ladder. He had many women, lots of money, and was the heir to a multi-million dollar company. His sister comes up with a scheme, though, that brings in a young woman he's known since childhood. Unfortunately for Nathaniel and Willow Turner, things go south. Fast. *Completed*

Camp Celestial - For 50 years, Camp Celestial has been a place for supernatural beings to relax over the summer. The camp's founder decided to bring on a group of humans this year but not everyone is excited about it. *Completed*

Dark Secrets - Viveka is a headstrong female woman who has caught the interest of the young vampire lord, Cian. The problem is the Kingdom of Dunkan is unaware that their lords and ladies are part of an ancient vampire clan. They had controlled the kingdom for nearly 350 years. Cian desires companionship and has found it in Viveka. The problem: she despises the family. Will Cian get what he desires? Will Viveka discover their secret? And what is the nature of the danger lingering in the abandoned village south of the kingdom? *Completed*

Give It a Try - Deidre Scout and her mother are incredibly poor. They live in a rusted van, moving between different parking lots. But, even though it was hard, they had each other and were happy. At least, Deidre was happy. Artemis Kilgore's mother is retiring but refuses to give him any control unless he's at least engaged. After meeting with Deidre's mother, both women have found their solutions. *Completed*

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