a 22-year-old chiquita from Birmingham, United Kingdom

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"Before you criticise somebody, walk a mile in their shoes so that you can criticise them from a mile away in their shoes."

Hey! I'm Michelle, and I'm just trying to develop a writing style which suits me at the moment. I love to read anything and everything and spend too much time on Amazon reading reviews and suggestions, but hey ho

I play clarinet and sax and type reeeeaaally badly (seriously, I can't type a sentence without a typo) but over time this has made me a pretty good proof reader.

Anthony Burgess, Fyodor Dostoevsky, John Avjide Lindqvist, Leo Tolstoy, Stephen King, Iain Banks, George Orwell, Marcus Zusak, Alice Sebold, Sebastian Faulks..... <3

Danielle Steel, Kate Cann and Jackie Collins are DISGRACES to paper and ink.

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