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"Wherever you go, go with all your heart." -Confucius

Charles is a name that I think suits me, for this purpose, though I mut admit I do prefer Charlie. Stories, on the otherhand, are something of a fascination. No, I don't always write the, in fact I write very few. I love to read them, and I love words. It's amazing what words have been able to give us, and allowed us to do for the past one hundred years or so, and I think that's all stories are really, tributes to words; strings of letters held together byfull stops, exclamation marks and a comma or two. There nothing exciting, afterall, just letters? Aren't they? Mmmmm...but look at what we have been able to achieve with them; all of them. And, that's why this account is nothing more than a tribute to words, letters and syllables, all of them that together create a magical and musical laguage; such power!

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