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Hey, I'm CharlA and I specialize in fantasy, teen fiction, horror, and a bit of romance (I usually don't like romance but sometimes it just sneaks into my work without me realizing!) and I hope you'll read and enjoy some of my stories! :)

I've always wanted to be an author ever since I was old enough to read a book and even though I'm not experienced in age, I love reading; and reading every day really encourages me to write more often too (because in my case I often start stories and don't finish them! I've actually been writing for about seven years now and am yet to finish a story :0). It helps with ideas too and gets me to use different styles of writing, and sometimes it even lets me see things from different perspectives that I could really use in my work.

So, I'd be very grateful for constructive critisism and all that, and just let me know what your thoughts are on my stories because that'll really help me to improve and to write more often.

Thanks! :) -----CharlA-----

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