a 20-year-old girl from up in the clouds, United Kingdom

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Hi-Emily, Flora, Amy c and anyone else I know thats on protagonize! I'm a girl who loves to imagine! I have always told stories and have wanted to be an author before I even knew the word! Before I could talk I would pick up books and newspapers and started telling stories in baby talk! I don't go on the computer extremely often so i appologize if i don't write very often.

My favorite band is Noah and the Whale who's music really breaks my heart, well the latest album mainly. I have their video and went to see it at the cinema its so good but very sad.

I agree totaly with "imagination is more important than knowledge." And "Knowledge will get you from A to B imagination will get you anywhere!"

I have also written quite a few songs and I think songs are like stories in a way. Not that i'm a brilliant singer though but you might as well do what you like now as you have only got one life! When you listen to songs you either pick up mainly on the tune or on the lyrics. Are you a lyrics or tune person? I'm definitely a lyrics person and love to find out what they mean or the meanings behind them. Same with stories I love finding the meanings behind them to.

Always Love Life And Live In The Moment.  

Oh and laugh at the mighty Boosh!!!!!!!!!!!!! ( The most hilarious comedy in the world) I LOVE VINCES HAIR - if you haven't watched the mighty boosh u won't understand and I may hve to tie you down and make you watch it...

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