a girl from the United Kingdom

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I am a teenager from England who loves writing! I have started a book (Very slowly- 1 page after 2 years!) and I have written a few short stories for fun and for competitions. I really like fantasy/adventure/sci-fi. My favourite books are the Last Dragon Chronicles by Chris D'Lacy, the Skulduggery Pleasant series by Derek Landy, Cry of the Ice Mark, Eragon, Horatio Lyle, The Magicians' Guild, and Horrible Science!

I watch quite a lot of anime, though since I only discovered it a couple of years ago I don't know many series yet. I'm currently watching Fairy Tail and XXX Holic, and I'm sort of half-way through Death Note, but it's rather depressing and creepy so I don't watch it very often.

I also love music, especially Enya and any folk/ irish. I also like rock and some pop.

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