a 24-year-old funky monkey from the United States

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ok...so my name is keyera..im 16 turning 17

this became my world Sept. 29 1992

things tht make my world go around is the color green monkeys food and poetry o yea...and basicly having fun

my closest friends who help me rule are my bests piglet an smooches an my (fake)brother domiquan there used to b 1 more but she betrayed the kingdom so she was removed from office and beheaded

i have no kind to help me rule right now but thts ok cuz i cn do bad all by myself lol

the love of my life is my older sister button weve been through everything together an she basicly raised me altho we r 5 yrs apart lol (shes 21)

ummmm...thts it for now i guess lol ^_^ YEA ME!!!!

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