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"there are books of which the backs and covers are by far the best parts" - Mr Browlow in Oliver Twist by Dickens

Aspiring to work in the theatre, I'm a pretty creative sort in my spare time. Alongside art and music I write poems by the bucket load, I'm working on several short stories and a couple of longer novels as well as the occasional script which I general only write when the need arises because I prefer being able to add all the detail straight away.

Only two of my stories aren't fantasy and even they are stepping into realms of science fiction and adventure that perhaps are a little too close to magic sometimes. I have a tendancy to start my stories oddly, either at the end or middle or in one case with what seems to be the main character dieing in the first chapter. I prefer the sorts of stories that hit the ground running and head off in directions you would never expect.

My writing style was once heavily influenced by J.K. Rowling and William Nicholson have grown up with their books as my favourites. Now I am a little older their style has been mixed with the sort of imagination and slightly warped humour of the Pratchet and Gaeman that I have read and some of the good old fantasy of C.S. Lewis  (I'm currently re-educating myself on Narnia having only been told the stories as a very small child).

I never seem to be able to finish a story without first going back a doxen times to correct my spelling and grammar and ocasionally change the story itslelf. I regulary end up changing the names of characters and even moving characters into different stories entirley.

Regardless of my methods and influences I enjoy what I do hugely and hope that you enjoy reading whatever I happen to post.

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