a 26-year-old lady from the United States

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"Step outside the box.... theres much more room out here."

Hi, I'm Samantha and I love writing. I enjoy creating worlds and people and finding out how they all connect and develop on their own. I am hoping you fine people here can help me develop my skills as a writer and give me honest open feedback.  Never be afraid to be honest about my work I need to improve and even a flame if it makes sense can help. But even if you hate it tell me why. if you felt that way then it deserves being heard just don't be vicious for no reason. If you like be sure to tell me what I'm doing right so I keep doing it. 

I don't have any specific Genre but I prefer fantasy and mystery and will most likely be within those genres. I love creating the rules and worlds where magic and unbelievable things happen and my writing allows me to do that.  I also love writing what couls be called slice of life where you, the reader can, follow the lives of someone and truly learn to love and meet the characters in ways you would never imagine. 

Now about me. I'm nineteen years old and a rabid music lover. I love it all. Rock, pop. hip-hop and even metal. I love music in different languages and I'm almost never without my I-pod or my blackberry with it's mini-playlist. I also love drawing especially in the really graphic and colorful anime and manga style. So I guess you can say I'm a wanna-be artist. But it is what I love to do to leave my mark on the world. 

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