a 22-year-old female from England, UK, United Kingdom

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There are many words which I could use to describe myself; many of these may not be completely flattering, but the one word which I would choose amongst any other would be 'ebullient.'  For those who do not know the meaning of this word, it means 'joyously unrestrained.'  Even though many profane meanings could be created from such a word,  in my case it just means energetic and and lively.  I'm a generally very happy 14 year old and find great solace in writing and reading.  I'm addicted to lemonade and find great joy in baking and painting. 

I often find myself gazing into nothingness and thinking deeply about the past, the future and most importantly, the present.  I would give anything to change some aspects of my past, but the past is set in stone, like words set into a book.  In a metaphoric sense, our lives are books and we're the authors.  We have to write them.  We're in control of what happens.  We have the power to give the book a happy ending.

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