a 36-year-old male from Neath, Wales, United Kingdom

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"Science without religion is lame. Religion without science is blind." Einstein

Written since I was an absolute kid, mainly RP and fantasy in my younger days, but I've developed a passion for historical short stories these days.

I've got no English or History qualifications (aside from GCSE) and do all my research on the internet. Maybe when I have more money I'll buy books to do my studying! I do like to get things right though so try to read a bit about the times and events before and during writing. If anyone spots any mistakes in my history (or grammar for that matter) please do point it out so I can make alterations.

I've been anxious about posting my work, although I have written some online before this is my first time doing it on a bigger scale and I'm really enjoying it - thanks to those who have given praise, its a real confidence booster!

Finally, I'd like to say a bit about my work. I'm going to be writing four stories simultaneously, all set about 600 years apart, and will write a bit about each in turn. However if I get requests for one particular story I'll concentrate on that one ;-). My first and second are well underway; one about a Celtic village and a warrior named Brennus; the other about a Saxon battle and a fighter names Woden. I plan to turn the first into a romance and the second into horror - thought I'd give some different genre a go! I've also got the third one started, set during the crusades, and the first part will be posted this evening hopefully!


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