a girl from Wonderland, United Kingdom

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"Remember, darkness does not always equate to evil; just as light does not always bring good."

Geek by nature; Geek by heart. 

I'm Carrie. I'm 15, I live somewhere in the South of England and I'm Pagan.

I can be really indecisive, yet at times I can be the only one who is able to make a decision. I can be nice, but I can also be horrible. I'm not perfect, and neither do I want to be. I'm happy; I'm sad. Take me as you see me... Even though I wouldn't exactly call this seeing (reading?), but you get my drift. 

I enjoy the wonderful world of Bebo roleplay - the place that practically taught me everything I know about writing and inspired me to start in the first place. It's the home of my deepest dreams, desires and everything in between. 

My passion lies within the realms of History and Religion (preferably ancient/mythological), so I wouldn't say I'm terribly exciting or interesting. I admit I can be rather dull, but rather be a truthful person then a liar, eh?

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