a 23-year-old from Where I Wanna Be, Silly! :P

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My name is Jordan! :) I'm 16-years-old. I'm not your typical '16-year-old girl' though. Here are some things that I am and also am not.


  • One of those girls who is always like "OMG, I broke a nail"..
  • One of those preppy backstabbing girls.
  • One of those loud, obnoxious people.
  • One of those girls that wheres mini skirts and tank tops!

I AM---

  • A fourwheeler and dirt bike rider! :D
  • One to get "DOWN AND DIRTY!" :P
  • One to go out and have fun while it's pouring down rain and everything is covered in mud.
  • A clutz.. :( lol.
  • AWESOME! hahaha, :)
  • A writer! :)

Any questions? Just ask I guess. :)

I've read the work of MyFlipFlopsBpopN (Mae) and it's totally amazing! You should check her out.

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