a 27-year-old gentleman from Edinburgh, United Kingdom

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"Mr. Churchill, if you were my husband I would poison your coffee." "Madam if you were my wife I'd drink it"

Woo Hoo another profile page on the web.

Oh well, my writing is a barely started, confusing concoction that mingles so many bad ideas that no one I've ever told it to seems to have understood it.

Maybe it because I started out thinking about individual ideas for short stories or just fun narratives that i could run through when i was bored, gradually over the last few years these have begun to condense and lump together into a dense soup of strange ideas that i may or may not end up writing.

Incidentally I maybe should have mentioned that I'm not likely to actually write anything for this for quite a while... unless... no, not likely that was a very bad story i was considering.

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