a 20-year-old chap from South Yorkshire, United Kingdom

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Names Adam, nice to meet you. Welcome to my little page, I'll mainly be posting poems on here seen as I'm still writing my first story, and don't have much idea how long it's going to take me. There's not much to tell you to be honest, I believe in peace, though I understand it'll be very hard to achieve. I want my profile picture tattooed somewhere on me one day. I'm a socialist, not a communist, educate yourself on the differences if necessary. Having said that I don't like politics, nor do I like the people involved in it. Mind you who does? 

My girlfriend is the one who inspired me to write a story after reading her story 'The Gazebo' which can be found on this very site. An excellent author and songwriter, someone who I admire and look up to in all this writing malarkey ha-ha. 

As a writer I am somewhat inexperienced. Perfect Genetics is the name of my first story. I've posted the blurb and now THE FIRST PAGE!! well technically first chapter but anyway why not give it a read?

Let me get this out the way. I can take even harsh critisims, so don't hold back if when you've read it you find something very wrong or that needs changing or altering, I'm completely open to ideas. Well I suppose you have to be on a site like this.

Let's see.... I'm a happy person, a gamer mostly though like every other teenager I enjoy going out places and trying new things. I'm very prone to doubting myself, people including my mother have told me I can be quite pessimistic in terms of myself and some things I do. But I think that's wrong. I just don't like getting my hopes up too much and then watch it crumble, and if it doesn't then fantastic, but just in case. 

As you can see I have a tendency to ramble on so I'll shut up now, enough about me, lets get on with the show! ☮

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